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Wall painting - Interior design - Trompe l´oiel


Interior design by wall painting, inside and outside in various styles for private home owners, hotels, restaurants, swimming pools, recreation rooms, lounges, leisure facilities etc.

Basically for everyone interested in the facade of a room or would like to embellish according to his ideas.

The technique of trompe l´oiel comes from the Italy of the 15th Century onwards.

Trompe l´oiel is an ancient technique of optical illusion.

Due to the increased need for quality interior design perfect spatial illusions through architectural and landscape paintings are created. 

Whether it is a Roman architecture overlooking a Mediterranean landscape, or a glance through an open window on a romantic river landscape.
A more seamless look trough columns on a Tuscan landscape.
A look at a park, or a look into the inside of a rainforest, the magnification of a small space trough a large door opening.               

Creating the impression like closed spaces by painted wall covering in cassette form, marbled with Sims and run or base columns.

The imagination knows no limits and thus inaugurating nearly limitless design possibilities.

- Image Gallery -

Look in the Image Gallery under the wall painting of our work to get an impression.

You will receive interest at an individual, artistic quality and craftsmanship work.

- Our services -

  • You are interested, then we will arrange an appointment with you to get to know you and your ideas
  • We look at the surface on which you wish to have applied your ideas

  • We take measurements and create your ideas and wishes, three sketches   
  • They give the sketch your ideas freely and comes closest to you will receive an offer.  
  • When placing an order, the work surface is first prepared and treated with deep groundwater
  • Then the surface is painted white and only then can beginn the actual mural
  • At the conclusion of the work is a special seal project the plant against mechanical and chemical influences is applied, thus can have an unlimited shelf life and brilliance to be given.

Photos, sketches of ideas, designs and wall paintings from the artist´s studio are protected by copyright and may "even in experpts" not be copied or reproduced.

- About the Artist -

James Law, born in Jedburgh-Scotland

Fine Art and Commercial Design Studies at the University of " Newcastle-upon-Tyne"
Worked in Canada, USA, Far East and Europe as a historical mural artist

Since 1992 in Germany living and as an artist in the world working

For inquiries, consultation and quotation please contact us at mobile +34 639 478 252 always at your disposal.

You can also make inquiries please e-mail or by fax at kontakt@mallorca-bau.com or to +34 971 661 184.